General Recreational Registration Information


EGYSL Walk-in Registration will begin in April.

April 26, 2014 - 10 am to 2 pm at Harriet Eddy Middle School, 9329 Soaring Oaks Drive, Elk Grove.

May 31, 2014 - 10 am to 2 pm at Elk Grove High School, 9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove

$130 per player - through May 31

(Siblings Eligible for Discounted Registration)
$100 - 3rd sibling
$ 80 - 4th sibling
$ 50 - 5th Sibling

$155 per player - After May 31

(Siblings Eligible for Discounted Registration)
$125 - 3rd sibling
$105 - 4th sibling
$ 75 - 5th Sibling

What to Bring to Registration: With the exception of those players who are moving on to our Elk Grove Community Club (Ages U16 - U19) , returning EGYSL players need not bring a birth certificate. If your child attended picture day last year with us, we should have a photo on file, so no photo is required. Our Elk Grove Community Club does require players to bring a birth certificate and a picture if this is their first year playing with that Club.

For new registrants, bring to walk-in registration a 1 x 1 photograph and a copy of your child's birth certificate. (Baptismal certificates or hospital certificates will not be accepted).

All registrants must complete a Player Registration Form (Form 1601), available at Walk-in Registration. Registrations are not considered complete without the signed 1601 and all other necessary documentation.

Registration Form: If you wish to fill out the Registration Form 1601 in advance and bring it to registration, below is a link to the form.

Membership Form

Club Registration Dates: Some of our Affiliated Recreational Clubs may offer additional registration days and some even have on-line registration. Some clubs also have drop boxes for you to hand deliver your registration materials if you miss the walk-in registration dates. Check your Club for details. Links to our Affiliated Recreational Clubs are provided on our home page.

Minimum Age to Play: A registrant who is the age of 5 on or before August 1 or in kindergarten during the playing season shall be allowed to play in the U6 age group.

EGYSL Fall Academy for 4 Year Olds - If you child is under 5 years old, you can register them for training with the EGYSL-FC Elk Grove-Adidas Academy for 4 year olds. The Academy will consist of 8 weeks of training once a week and 2 play dates. The cost of the 8 sessions of professional/soccer skills training and an FC Elk Grove T-Shirt plus pictures is $130. Click here for more information (The form may be downloaded or opened depending upon your browser). To register, complete the Membership Form and mail it along with your check for $130 to EGYSL at P.O. Box 63, Elk Grove, CA 95759.

Late Registration - Late registration will begin June 1 and will end September 1. The registration fee is $155 if forms and fees are delivered or postmarked on or after June 1. Late registrations will be accepted and players placed on teams if space is available. A player registered may be placed on a team that is not in his/her home club. Since late registered players are placed on any available team, an Affiliated Club may not be able to accommodate special requests.

Club of Registration: With limited exceptions, our recreational club boundaries are consistent with our local high schools. You should register your child to play soccer with the recreational club within the boundaries of the high school where your child will attend. You can find an outline of each clubs boundaries under the "About" section of our website. But don't worry, if you still can't figure it out, we will help you on registration day.

Play Up Requests - Upon request of a player, and approval of the applicable local club, players may play up one age group category. A two year play up request must receive the majority approval of the EGYSL Board of Directors. All play up forms and liability releases must be signed by the player's parent or guardian and submitted and maintained by each Affiliated Club. Players who are five years old and in kindergarten shall not be allowed to play up into the U7 age group.

Requests to Play Down - Play- down requests for medical reasons will be handled via consultation with the Affiliated Club managers. There are no other play-downs allowed.

On-line Registration Fees - Some EGYSL affiliated clubs offer online registration. Check with your home club for availability.

Refund Policy - EGYSL registration fees are refundable on the following schedule:

Prior to June 1: Full refund
June 1 to September 1: 50% refund
September 1 and beyond: No refund

Birth Date Calculator 2014
U68/1/2008- 7/31/2009
U7 8/1/2007- 7/31/2008
U88/1/2006- 7/31/2007
U98/1/2005- 7/31/2006
U108/1/2004- 7/31/2005
U118/1/2003- 7/31/2004
U12 8/1/2002- 7/31/2003
U13 8/1/2001- 7/31/2002
U148/1/2000- 7/31/2001
U158/1/1999- 7/31/2000
U168/1/1998- 7/31/1999
U178/1/1997- 7/31/1998
U188/1/1996- 7/31/1997
U198/1/1995- 7/31/1996